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I was motivated to start Hampton at the beginning of this year in part by a sense of loss. The reckless wrecking ball and overwrought over building, the plunder of sense of place, the rapacious excavations of woodlands and dune land, the irresponsible fouling of water bodies, the violation of vistas and view sheds, a shredding of the fabric of community.

A sadness that indeed “what a tree or a bush does” — that what our natural resources or history means — is lost on so many. I was suddenly feeling lost in a place that I have known, navigated and loved for decades—since my earliest memories.

I don’t fear change, but I loath the destruction.

But all is not lost. “Action equals hope.”

I’ve loved this poem for a long time. I hope it brings meaning for you, too.

For a very beautiful reading of it, here is the link


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