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EH Building

This area of the website will build your current understanding of recent development and construction trends across town 

This page covers two separate sub-pages that illustrate, as the saying goes, "the good, the bad and the ugly" of the recent trends and the current pace and scope of real estate development in East Hampton.  On the "good" side of the equation, click on the "Reno Don't Demo" page to see examples of how people have thoughtfully and very successfully redesigned and redeveloped properties with a sense of restraint, stewardship, and proportion. And on the other side of the spectrum, tap into the "The Big,The Bad & The Unkind" page.

By the way, to be clear, when we say "bad" or "ugly" we're not making a judgement about any particular architectural style per se; we do not mean to insult anyone's sense of taste or demean someone's home. We love modern and experimental design as much as we cherish traditional forms and representations of the many different architectural vernaculars that have shaped East Hampton building over the centuries and decades.  We think homeowners should make their personal, individual decisions about the look and feel of their homes and how to meet their true needs. And of course, architecture, like any other art form, is subjective.


No matter what the design style, in the Build.In.Kind context, "the bad and the ugly" refers to structures that are truly oversized or sprawling -- they are of a mass and scale totally out of proportion with their surroundings and they dominate rather than integrate with or respect our land, shorelines, ecosystems, landscapes, important view sheds, natural resource areas and neighborhood character. These structures are profligate in terms of their overconsumption of land, woodlands, open space, materials, energy, water and chemicals. These are the structures that do not comport in any way with our environmental, sustainability affordability or quality of life Town priorities.


In short, they are very big for the sake of being very big...And they are getting bigger.

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