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Reno...Don't Demo

One of our Build.In.Kind goals is to instill a preference in our town for thoughtful renovations whenever possible when properties are redeveloped, rather than just going to the default preference we see these days for full-on demolitions, entirely new builds, and significant upsizing.

As part of that, on this page, we'll highlight renovation "success stories"  -- meaning situations where homeowner needs and wants can be achieved while still rebuilding "in kind" with current footprint, neighborhood character, landscapes, natural resources AND realizing meaningful value creation...and without much added GFA, density, bulk, coverage or clearing.

We'd love to hear your renovation or preservation success stories or one's you've seen in your neighborhoods.



Success Stories #renodontdemo 

Coming Soon

Listings of properties for sale that have big potential for successful value creating renovations rather than demolition/upsizing

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