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EVENT REGISTRATION LINK: Our Oct 8 Screening of "One Big Home" at LTV Studios. Admission free, use this Eventbrite link to register for tickets...

See the "Save the Date" blog piece for more. Message us with any questions. We really hope you can join us!

ALERT: We've added a new page dedicated to all things related to the pending "Wainscott Commercial Center" (aka "Sand Pit) to keep you informed and involved with this proposed 70-acre commercial & industrial development. You'll find it under the "EH Building" tab on the menu bar.

2/18/22: An excerpt from my recent letter to the EH Town Board introducing Build.In.Kind.  Read the full letter here.


"I, like so many other residents, have concerns about the airport and the effects of its maddening, soul- crushing, non-stop “in season” traffic, as well as about the yawning deficit of affordable housing options for residents, challenges to public beach access, environmental/sustainability challenges, water quality, traffic, loss of rural authenticity and other quality of life issues.

"I know the Board is working hard and in good faith to tackle these individual issues and more. But a “first principles” analysis tell us that really, these are not “individual” issues or singular, stand-alone problems— none of them have sprung up in a vacuum. All of them trace back to the root cause of overdevelopment...the pace and scope of what has been done, over the last five years especially, and what continues unabated is the cause and/or the primary compounding factor common to all of them.

"It is my view that though we might find and implement some “fixes” for our problems, ultimately, we won’t resolve them sustainably and in whole without finding a way to re-envision and evolve how land is developed and used across East Hampton."


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